“Build international friendships and
make the world your playground”
Global X 'scapes Rules and Regulations

1.0 Membership

Membership of Global X 'scapes is open to anyone of any age over 18 years at time of registration.

2.0 Members Rules:

  1. To become a member of Global X 'scapes you must:
    • Complete an online registration form to the satisfaction of Global X 'scapes Secretary and;
    • Pay Global X 'scapes annual registration fee as indicated on the site at date of payment.
  2. All exchange services between members are to be free of charge.
  3. No member may charge another member any amount for accommodation, use of personal vehicle(s), food (other than dining out) or similar basic services.

3.0 Membership Fees

The amounts payable for annual membership is US$ 99.00 or otherwise indicated on the website at date of payment.

Fees are non-refundable unless otherwise stated on the website.

A member shall not be eligible to accept any invitation from Host Members to visit until such time as the full membership fee has been paid.

4.0 Members Code of Conduct

As a member (paying and/or free) you should:

  1. Always conduct yourself to the best of your ability and within the spirit and laws of the tourism, travel and hosting in general.
  2. Avoid all forms of showmanship.
  3. Avoid all forms of violent and dangerous conduct.
  4. Never use inappropriate, foul or abusive language whether it is directed at Guests; Hosts; Host and Guest family, friends, pets and/or fellow citizens; no-one in particular.
  5. Always respect the Host's decisions without any adverse comment and without showing any form of dissent.
  6. Treat everyone with respect at all times including: Guests; Hosts, Host and Guest families, friends, pets and fellow citizens.
  7. Always abide by the law of your own and other countries when visiting.
  8. Inform your Host as far as possible in advance that you are unavailable for visiting when accepted.
  9. Be appropriately dressed when Hosting and/or being Hosted.
  10. Always have the Guest's contact number with you.
  11. Always have the Host's contact number with you.
  12. Inform Guest members of the precise address where you reside.
  13. Ensure the well being and safety of every member above all other considerations.
  14. Respect the rights, dignity, worth and opinions of all members as well as their friends and family.
  15. Develop an appropriate relationship with each member based on mutual trust and respect.
  16. At the outset clarify with each member exactly what is expected of them and also what they are entitled to expect from you.
  17. Encourage and guide members to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.
  18. Ensure that the activities you direct or advocate are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the member.
  19. Always display high standards of behaviour, appearance and punctuality.
  20. Be a positive role model for other members.
  21. Always promote the positive aspects of tourism, travel and hosting in general and never condone: violations of the laws; any form of violent or dangerous conduct; any form of showmanship or time wasting.
  22. Make every effort to promote harmonious relations with other members, their families and friends. You should never:
  23. Use inappropriate, foul or abusive language, or tolerate such language from members or their family or friends.
  24. Discriminate against any member, their family or friends by reason of gender, sexual orientation, racial origin, nationality, religious beliefs, ability, disability or economic status.
  25. Permit the harassment or bullying of a member by any member, family or friends.
  26. Show unacceptable favouritism to any individual member.
  27. Punish or belittle a member.

    Any member who persistently breaches any of the above rules shall be liable to suspension from Global X 'scapes with immediate effect.

    5.0 Rules

    No alteration to these Rules shall be made except at the AGM.