“Build international friendships and
make the world your playground”

Membership to Global X'scapes allows you to visit and host as often as you like in a year. Simply find hosts in the destination you have on your adventure-list and agree on suitable dates to visit. Once you've agreed on dates, you will go to that destination and be hosted as guests in their house, providing free accommodation, food (excluding dining out) and transport for sightseeing.

Upon return to your home country, you will host the same family you visited in your home as guests, providing the same experience to your guests as they provided you (and your family).

To ensure fair hosting and visiting, Global X'scapes issues you with one point when you take up membership for $99-00 per year to track visits and hosting - keeping the system balanced.

Once you have visited the host, your point will transfer to that host leaving you with 0 and the host with 2. That host must now visit you in order to transfer the point back to you leaving you free to visit again (even in the same membership year).

ScenarioJohnson point(s)Roux point(s)
Mr and Ms Johnson from Lake Buena Vista in Orlando, Florida browsed destinations on GXS and decided to visit the Roux family in France who'd said they'll take them and their 2 children to see the Eifel tower. Both agreed on a suitable time for the holiday. 1 1
The Johnson family travels to Roux family in France for a 10 day vacation. Johnsons stay with Roux's at no charge and experience French home cooking at no cost. After a wonderful vacation, having showed their 2 children, Johnny and Susan the Eifel tower, the Johnsons return home to Florida, USA. 0 2
Whilst in France with the Roux's, both families agreed on a time to host the Roux's in Orlando, Florida in America. The Roux's look forward to taking their 2 children, Andre and Celine to Disney World. They arrive in Orlando where Mr Johnson collects them from the airport whilst Ms Johnson awaits them with her excited children. 0 2
The Johnson family hosts the Roux family in their 5 bedroom house in Lake Buena Vista at no accommodation cost and treats them to Sirloin steak and fries and Apple pie. The Johnsons also take the Roux family to Disney World where the 4 children experience Disney's magic first hand. 0 2
Having enjoyed a wonderful and exciting holiday with lots of spending money from not having to pay accommodation, meals or transport, the Roux's return to France. Both the Johnsons and Roux's are now allowed to host and visit 1 1

Invitation Types:

1. Reciprocal Hosting: As per example above, you visit a host in another country and upon agreement you'll be shown around in that country. You have to return the hospitality once you're back home by showing that host your country.

2. Holiday Home: You may offer your holiday home to a guest and in return and upon agreement, use a holiday home or other invitation type.

3. Self-hosted stay: Another invitation-type to consider is that you may offer your home to a guest to stay in whilst you are out of town (possibly on vacation or business) or use this option to visit another host in the country of your choice. Remember, this is a self-catering/self-service option.

4. Home Exchange: You may also exchange homes at the exact same time provided both host and guest agrees. This option - example as can be seen in the movie "The Holiday" - is great when you have limited leave or already have a good understanding of the country you're visiting (i.e been there before).