“Build international friendships and
make the world your playground”

1.What do I get for my $99 membership fee?

Global X scapes is the only membership that allows full browsing, bookmarking and communication between members for free. With free membership you can even host your selected guest to experience the benefits of hosting. Only once you want to visit your selected host, need you upgrade to full membership of $99. This will allow you to travel to any host of your choice, benefiting from the accommodation and vehicle cost savings offered through GXS.

2.What is a host/guest/destination as mentioned on your site?

The terms host and guests refer to the members in the Global X'scapes database wanting to perform that function/role. Thus, you are a guest in another member's home when you travel and visit another family. The family whose home you stay in and take you around to see their country is hosting you - thus, they fulfil the host role. Once you were hosted as guest, you then become the hosting family, thus you are the host.

3.Why are hosts and guests contact details not displayed on the site?

Global X'scapes offer their members full communication channel between each other to make arrangements for hosting and travelling. Therefore it is not required to communicate outside if the site. We keep track of your conversations so even when you are abroad you still have your conversations ready with you. Final invitation to visit and acceptance thereof has to be through Global X'scapes in order for the point transfer to take place.

4.At which stage will I be allowed to travel to my favourite destination?

Only paying members can accept invitations and therefore travel (as guest) to a host. Any member can host a guest at any time.

5.Please explain to me how the point transfer work?

Global X'scapes uses a point system to balance visiting and hosting so no member is ever out of travelling or hosting. Once you sign up membership (free), you are allocated 1 (one) point. This point remains yours until you travel to the host that invited you to visit. Although you can host a guest without being a paying member, you have to be a paying member to be able to visit a host. Visiting a host is also by invitation only so you have to request the host of your choice to invite you to visit through the site's communication mechanism. Once you have visited the host of choice, your point is transferred to his account and you'll be left with a 0 (zero). The host of choice now has to visit you (as guest) for the point to be returned. Thus, the system is always in balance.

6.What happens if I don't find a suitable host within my 12 month membership?

Global X'scapes allows you to browse for free and even communicate for free so you can make up your mind which destination you want to visit. We even allow you to do communication free to ensure you are truly excited about your destination of choice before you pay membership to travel. This means that you should be able to find the right destination of choice (or alternatives) with members to host you. However, should you not be able to find a suitable host within the destinations listed within the year of your membership, we will refund your membership fee.

7.What happens if my host don't live up to the promises he/she made on your site?

with any membership to club or association, all members are requested to be truthful about the data they present on the site and should Global X'scapes find any member who misrepresents themselves, they will be flagged as such on their profile. In the unlikely event that you visit a host or host a guest who misrepresented themselves, you need to immediately notify Global X'scapes of this so we can action. If it is un-bearing, please immediately return to your home. Global X'scapes will investigate the matter and return your point in the event that we find the member were guilty of misrepresentation.

8.Why is it not allowed to charge my guest for accommodation or vehicle use?

Members of Global X'scapes benefit by staying for free with a host of choice. The host will take you to see the landmarks of that destination. You will even experience local food cooked by your host (dining at restaurants are for your own account or as agreed between you and your host/guest). This is all free to you which means you can go on that trip sooner than you planned because your accommodation, transport and food is taken care of. Now, remember you need to offer exactly the same in return to the family who hosted you so they benefit the same. This is why nobody charges money for any services (even if you are the owner of a guest house or holiday home).

9.What makes Global X'scapes offering different to other vacation systems?

Global X'scapes support all cost-effective methods of making holidays happen - which is why we also offer low membership fee to match up with other members where you'll exchange holidays. This way you always have more money to your disposal for spending or require less savings before you can go on holiday. Where our offering is different is that a host (of your choice) will house you and your family and accompany you to the landmarks you would like to visit, almost like your own tour guide. In return you will host that same family in your house and accompany them to famous landmarks in your country.

10.What can I expect to be typical costs that I need to budget when using the Global X'scapes system?

Although Global X'scapes offer you access to members that will host you for free (as you will do to other members in return), there are always certain costs that you still have to budget for. Firstly, airfare and taxes are for each member's own account so remember to save for this. Also, should the host of your choice not offer you a vehicle, you might have to hire one if your family wishes to be totally independent. Food will be catered for by your host so remember to discuss any dietary requirements upfront. Should your host not be able to supply in your requirements, you might have to budget for some food. Dining out is for your own account unless your host offers to settle the bill. Please also offer to settle the bill at another occasion if you had the benefit of such courtesy. If you have the privilege of using your host's vehicle, please pay for your own fuel and return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel you received it.

11.Which destinations am I allowed to visit?

You may visit any destination listed on Global X'scapes website where a host is available? If the destination of your choice is not yet listed, please email us your request so we can list it without delay.

12.If I can't find the destination of choice, what happens to my membership fee?

If you have paid membership fees and am not able to find one of your top 5 favourite destinations with a suitable host, we will refund your membership fee.

13.How many times per year may I travel?

You may visit as many times a year as you like provided your point allows (which means you will have hosted for each time you visit).

14.Do you offer any money-back guarantee?

We will refund your membership fee in the event that you cannot find a suitable host in any of the top 5 destinations of your choice. Terms and conditions apply.

15.When visiting another country, should I pay accommodation, vehicle use, airfare or any other costs?

When visiting a host, you should not pay accommodation, vehicle use or food (dining at your host). You are however, liable for your own airfare and taxes as well as fuel and entrance fees when sightseeing.

16.How do I get to my host from the airport?

Ideally, your host should pick you and your family up from the airport since it is the first and most stressful point of travel. If for some reason you and your host agree to not be collected, you'll have to arrange alternative transport such as taxi, train or other forms of public transport. Hosts should do their utmost best to offer this as a courtesy.

17.What variations of hosting am I permitted?

You may upon agreement offer accommodation and accompaniment or accommodation only. Also, should you have a holiday home, you may offer it as accommodation without accompaniment. Guesthouse owners may also participate but remember that you may not charge for accommodation or food since you will be visiting the same member and not pay for accommodation or food.